Most Versatile Beauceron Challenge

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A special attraction event first held in conjunction with the 2020 ABC National Specialty, the Most Versatile Beauceron Challenge is not an AKC sanctioned event.

How It WorksHow To EnterScoring2020 Scoring Matrix2020 Prize

Challengers must participate in a minimum of three (3) event types and qualify in a minimum of two (2).
Challengers may be handled by multiple handlers.
Owner-handled entrants will be given bonus points in Conformation events (AKC Owner-handled rules and eligibility apply)

Qualifying Event Types:

Agility (Regular) Dock Diving Rally
Agility (Preferred) FASTCAT Scent Work
Barn Hunt Hunt Test Tracking
Coursing Ability Obedience Working Certificate

Number of events and Event Types may change from year to year based on available options and number of competitors.
Events will be limited to those available to all participants. Therefore, events such as Sweeps, Stud/Brood, and Juniors will not be included.

This year’s MVB Challenge Secretary is Gabby Murdock

2020 Closing Date is May 3, 2020

Entries should include a photo of the challenger, however this is not an entry requirement.

  • Candid photos only please.
  • Photos should not be win photos from any venue.
  • Photos may be posted in a gallery for public viewing on site or online
  • There is no fee to participate in the challenge.

By entering a challenger, each handler acknowledges that they have read and understood the rules of the MVB Challenge. It is also expected that each handler hold themselves to the highest level of sportsmanship.

Please list all events (and associated levels) you intend to enter.

By clicking the Submit button I confirm that I have read and agree to the MVB Challenge Rules.

The single highest point value earned in each Event Type will be used in tabulating a challengers’ points.

  • Points within Event Types are not cumulative.
  • Additional points will not be awarded for multiple placements/qualifying scores.

In the event of a tie, the following tie breakers will be used in this order:

  • Number of Event Types qualified in
  • Total number of classes qualified in
  • Total number of classes participated in
  • Highest point value eligible for, not including Conformation

If scores are still tied, two awards at that place will be given, and the subsequent place will be skipped (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 2nd, 4th). If necessary, duplicate prize may be obtained after the event and mailed to the second winner.

A committee member or representative present at the specialty shall be assigned as scorekeeper

  • Scorekeeper will post points for each entrant daily in a public place.
  • The manner in which point information can and will be received by the committee member responsible for tracking scores will vary.
  • The information may not always be available immediately from the superintendent or secretary.
  • The manner in which scores from each Event Type will be collected will be explicitly outlined in the premium.

MVB Challenge placements will be awarded through 4th place.

  • If possible the Awards will be announced at the ABC National Awards Banquet.
  • If the challenge is completed in time for the awards to be announced at the National Banquet then awards will not be mailed and it will be the winner’s responsibility to arrange for award pick up if they cannot be present.
  • If the challenge cannot be completed in time for winners to be announced at the National Banquet, awards will be mailed if hey cannot be delivered in person.
  • It is not a requirement that awards be listed in the premium.

In 2020, the Awards Banquet will be held prior to the end of all qualifying events for the week. results will be finalized as quickly as practical, and awards will be mailed.

Participation and Bonus Points

One (1) participation point for participating in any qualifying Event Type. Participation Points will be awarded only once per event type
(So, participating in three conformation events will be worth 1 participation point, while participating in two conformation and one agility event would be worth 2 Participation points: one for conformation, one for Agility)

Bonus Points will be awarded as follows:

  • +2 points for Owner Handled in Conformation
  • +1 point for any veteran dog aged 7-8
  • +2 points for any veteran dog aged 9+
Agility (Standard and Preferred)

+4 points for Novice JWW

+4 points for Novice Fast

+5 points for Novice Standard

+6 points for Open JWW

+6 points for Open Fast

+6 points for Time 2 Beat

+7 points for Open Standard

+8 points for Excellent JWW

+8 points for Excellent Fast

+8 points for Masters JWW

+8 points for Masters Fast

+9 points for Excellent Standard

+9 points for Masters Standard

+9 points for Premier

Barn Hunt

+2 points for Instinct

+3 points for Crazy 8s run of 10-20 points

+4 points for Novice

+5 points for Crazy 8s run of 30-30 points

+6 points for Open

+7 points for Crazy 8s run of 50-60 points

+8 points for Senior

+8 points for Crazy 8s run of 70-80 points

+9 points for Master

+10 points for Crazy 8s run of 90-110 points


+2 points for 3rd or 4th place in BOB eligible classes

+3 points for 2nd place in BOB eligible classes

+4 points for 1st place in BOB eligible classes

+5 points for RWD and RWB

+6 points for WD and WB

+7 points for BOW and AOM

+7 points for NOHBOB

+8 points for SD and SB

+9 points for BOS

+10 points for BISS

BOB Eligible Classes Include:

  • Puppy (may be broken down farther)
  • 12-18 months
  • Novice
  • Amateur Owner Handler
  • Bred By
  • American Bred
  • Open.
Coursing Ability
 To Be Determined 
Dock Diving
To Be Determined 

+2 points for completion of the course

Hunt Test
To Be Determined

+3 points for Beginner Novice

+4 points for Novice

+4 points for Veterans

+5 points for Brace

+6 points for Grad Novice

+7 points for Open

+8 points for Grad Open

+10 points for Utility


+2 points for Novice

+4 points for Intermediate

+5 points for Brace (if offered)

+6 points for Advanced

+7 points for Excellent

+8 points for Masters

Scent Work

+2 points for Novice Elements

+4 points for Advanced Elements

+6 points for Excellent Elements

+8 points for Master Elements

+10 points for Detective Class

Working Certificate
To Be Determined